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Mitsubishi: Growing trust

Mitsubishi Electric is a global leader in communications, consumer electronics, industrial technology, energy and transportation. Over 35 years the company has developed a network across Europe and the world from its headquarters in the UK.

As the business expands, the competitiveness of contractors has become an overriding factor, as Corine Cornelius, the company’s Internal Sales Administrator, is prepared to admit. 

“I have to make most of my decisions based on price,” she reveals. “But I’ve always said the most important thing for me is trust. The only KPI for me is that partners do what they say they will. That’s why I’m happy about our relationship
with Maltacourt.”

Personal connection

After chance meeting at a seminar led to a face-to-face conversation, Maltacourt’s personal touch soon won Corine over. Since that conversation in 2011, Maltacourt have been moving video display screens to Google offices across Europe by road every week.

“We pride ourselves on establishing authentic relationships,” explains Matt Beech, Maltacourt’s CEO. “And relationships like that take time. I’ve lost count of how many customers brought us in based on price, only to find our personal approach can make their lives a lot easier.” 

Corine concurs. “It’s definitely a personal relationship. We deal with the same team every time – I’m never on hold or navigating a phone menu. They’re very agile.”

Proactive and open

Always on the end of the phone, Maltacourt’s team make a point of monitoring Mitsubishi’s satisfaction on a weekly basis, and sharing data as each job progresses.

“They’re very proactive at sharing our  performance data. Having a partner you can rely on to be transparent makes a huge difference to the way I work.”

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