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Maltacourt Opens Debrecen Airport Facility

Maltacourt is proud to announce the opening of our new regional office at Debrecen Airport, within the outstanding tri-modal logistics facility developed by the Xanga Group. Matt Beech, Maltacourt Group CEO went on to say ’We are thrilled to be the first frieght forwarder to establish a facility at the Tri-Modal Logistics Centre at Debrecen Airport, in what is an incredibly important strategic location within central europe.’ The office officialy commenced operations on 1st December, as the office completed the first regionally managed transport task for the Maltacourt Group. 

Debrecen is the second largest city in Hungary, with significant historical influece to the country and is located in the North East, close to the Hungarian/Romanian border. Paul Szeman, Maltacourt Hungary MD stated ’The Debrecen Airport Tri-Modal Logistics facility will be, by far the most important development in the Hungarian logistics industry this decade.’

Logistics and air cargo in particular have historically been centred around Budapest. Given the history of the capital city and the commercial developments in Hungary over the past 20 years this is of course understandable. However, the industry movements in the past few years have made it necessary for this centralisation to be diluted in the interest of improving efficiencies and continuing modernisation. ’In a very short space of time the relevance of air cargo at this new facility will become apparent and Maltacourt is best positioned to serve our customers, directly from this location with the highest quality tri-modal services.Paul Szeman, Maltacourt Hungary MD.

The optimism and investment around the Debrecen facility make Maltacourt extremely pleased and honoured to be the first freight forwarder to cement a regional position by establishing a physical presence at the tri-modal centre and the first to offer full services across all modes of transport, storage and customs services from Debrecen.

’Since 2010 Maltacourt has been actively developing its capability in Air, Ocean and Road. We have achieved certification of Regulated Agent as well as AEO - F and TAPA - FSR A, all of which ensure that we keep constant control of quality and safety throughout all that we do. To make sure that our development is matching the requirement of our customers, we have strategically invested in building knowledge and experience through personal development and acquiring companies in relevant industry sectors and Debrecen feels like we are continuing within that remit’ Paul Szeman.

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