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Maltacourt strengthens fleet with further contract win for leading supplier of medical gases

The win comes hot on the heels of the specialist  contract Maltacourt secured for the delivery of small oxygen tanks to residential  homes and hospitals for outpatient use and hospital operating theatre - reported in last quarters issue of Maltacourt Matters. The flurry of contract wins has secured Maltacourt’s status as a leading provider of specialist road services throughout Europe.

The contract will officially start on 1st of June and will see Maltacourt invest in a further 32 tractor units and employ 45 new drivers, significantly expanding the current fleet. The new tractor units will be state of the art Mercedes Actros and continue Maltacourt’s stance of having one of the greenest and youngest fleets in Central and Eastern Europe.

The operation will also see Maltacourt operating bulk tankers, further diversifying our vehicle types, which now include; vans, curtain-sided trailers, hardsided trailers, refridgerated trailers, ADR trailers and now bulk tankers.

The latest contract win will have Maltacourt operating throughout Hungary but also see our new fleet travel to neighboring regions and beyond, servicing up to 12 other countries across Europe for the leading gas specialist.

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