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Maltacourt UK appoint new Director

Maltacourt is delighted to announce that Adrian Frodsham has been promoted to the Board of Directors of Maltacourt Limited.

Maltacourt has gone through a significant period of change over the past 12 to 18 months. Adrian was brought into the business to help re-shape Maltacourt UK so the business was better placed in the market to firstly, get over the impact of the tough economic conditions that have affected the marketplace and secondly to ‘up-skill’ the team.

Matt Beech, Maltacourt CEO, spoke enthusiastically about the appointment, explaining ‘I’m excited about the future and working more strategically with Adrian and Adrian’s achievements to date have been significant’ which include, to name but a few:


  • Reducing costs, making Maltacourt UK more competitive and in line with the market. 
  • Bringing in new talent with wider skills and deeper expertise. 
  • Streamlining our customs clearance/management services, most significantly deploying our new CFSP (Bond) system. 
  • Restructuring of our LAX operation and moving to new partner relationship with GP Logistics. 
  • Developing a trainee programme where we can ‘grow our own’ fully rounded Freight Forwarder.


We are sure that Adrian’s dedication, passion for freight and professional experience will be an even greater asset to the Maltacourt board and will continue to help change our dynamic development for many years to come.

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