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New MD for Maltacourt Hungary

Bringing two decades of Forwarding, Specialist Logistics and Warehousing experience to the Maltacourt group, with past successes at a senior level within TDG, Rynart Transport and most recently as Managing Director at Norbert Dentrassangle in Hungary, mean he's more than qualified to take our Hungarian team to new heights.

Paul has been living and working in Hungary for the past 20 years during which time he has developed a wealth of experience in freight forwarding and logistics management. He has set up a number of freight forwarding operations in Hungary and Romania for TDG (UK) Ltd, Norbert Dentressangle Overseas and Transportation divisions, with proven experience in managing large logistical centres in Hungary and Romania employing more than 3000 staff.

CEO Matt Beech comments “I started to talk to Paul some 18 months ago with a desire for him to join the business, bringing his logistical expertise, to further enhance our levels of capability. Since joining us in January, Paul has already made a significant impact to the business.”

Paul has been working alongside Peter Kuzma for the past three months, transitioning the leadership of the business, as Peter leaves the Maltacourt Group to persue his retail ventures.

We are sure that Paul’s dedication, love for team building and professional experience will be an asset to the Maltacourt group and will help to charge our dynamic development for many years to come.

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