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RB Marine and it’s Group of companies has been delivering unparalleled levels of service to the marine sector for over 20 years. From cruise liners and super yachts, to LNG carriers, oil tankers and semi-submersible vessels, RB Marine has to deliver a full range of services, to ensure , including routine maintenance and full service inspections to some of the biggest names on the sea.

Lewis Rowland, Director, RB Marine commented: “We have a global client base which comprises of some of the world’s largest companies and our service has been recognised as being one of the most dependable and professional in the market. Maltacourt allow us to operate and maintain those standards”

Supporting a time critical business

RB Marine provide a range of test equipment for circuit breaker protection relays as well as critical switchgear spare parts all over the world and the demands of their business mean they could be asking Maltacourt to ship time critical, testing apparatus to a leading cruise line docked in Spain, to providing urgent calibration equipment to the Middle East. Lewis goes on to add;

“It’s a complex model and our demands are often urgent and we need a responsive partner who can react in real time.

Service first

RB Marine often need timely solutions and a quick turnaround. “Their customer base can be demanding as can the nature and schedule of their work and it’s important they have a logistics provider that can work to their standards and offer a level of service that reflects their own” explains Adam Williams, Maltacourt Commercial Director.

It’s a relationship built on trust and a deep understanding of our customers’ requirements, Maltacourt can improve service and add maximum value.

“What’s important to them, is important to us” Adam continues.

RB Marine are benefiting from this approach as Lewis Rowland explains...

As a group, we provide our services in time critical circumstances, it’s important we have a partner that understands how we work and our customers’ expectations”

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