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Technology Desking have carved their reputation by designing, building and installing some of the world’s most advanced furniture products. Their highly- specialised work can call for an instant supply chain to meet the needs of new projects, from South Asia to North America. And that’s when an experienced logistics partner really come into their own.

Giving global support

TD’s main outputs are trading desks for the world’s financial markets, along with control room furniture. These specialist products need a secure procurement chain and reliable freight services to guarantee manufacture and delivery.

“Maltacourt’s import/export services on road, at sea and in the air are paramount to our business proposition. We’ve never been late in delivering

and installing the product, and they’re crucial to meeting that promise.” The company’s procurement chain is key to their success – routes based in North America, Europe and Asia all have singular or mass production capabilities.

“I think we’re very good at backing TD up when they have to find new routes and processes,” admits Maltacourt CEO Matt Beech. “We’ll help them learn the local laws, customs requirements and other nuances in a new country. Once they’re established, they’re able to run things themselves.”

Building a personal relationship

Surprisingly, this worldwide support network doesn’t come in the form of set packages or centralised ‘contact centres’. When TD has had occasion to use some of the larger freight forwarders, they’ve found they can move items from A to B, but won’t take on the commercial invoicing, or even pick up the phone.

“Personal service is a massive selling point for me,” says Steve. “The bigger carriers have cultures that simply can’t accommodate what we need. Maltacourt provide us with accurate transit times and data so we know when and where products will be, help us with heavy duty paperwork, and they do it all in way that feels like they’re in the office next door.”

Of course there are times when Steve and his team don’t want to hear about delivery, and that’s when things go wrong...

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