Brendan Beech joins the Board of Directors

Maltacourt are delighted to announce that Brendan Beech has joined the Board of Directors as Director of Trade Lane Development with immediate effect.

Brendan has spent the last 12 months focused on developing and growing the business between our Maltacourt offices in Canada, Australia and Hungary. As an international business the relationships we have with our global offices and partners around the world is of immense importance and our ability to offer complete, end-to-end supply chain solutions from our strategic locations is a key driving force to ours and our clients businesses.

'I'm delighted to have been offered a position on the Board and it highlights Maltacourt's commitment to continue developing and investing in our relationship with our overseas partners.

The value of bilateral trade between the EU and Canada estimated at over £45 Billion and between the UK and Australia, over £15 Billion. It's clear to see that there has never been a more important time to focus on the work we do within those trade lanes and with our colleagues overseas.

The value of trade between the UK and Australia, Canada and Hungary is significant and with the recently negotiated trade agreement, CETA, between the UK and Canada coming into effect it's a really important time for Maltacourt to continue its focus as an expert in bilateral trade between those countries
Brendan Beech
Director of Trade Lane Development

Brendan's focus going forwards is to continue his work around growing the trade with our Maltacourt colleagues overseas whilst also taking responsibility for the wider agency network that we operate in, particularly growing trade with the USA and the Far East. Growth in these areas will be key to our success as a business and Brendan is best placed to help our continued growth and development in those regions.

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