New acquisition will revolutionise data logistics

We’re excited to announce our acquisition of data application experts Construqtive. It’s the next step in a relationship that looks set to change the way we all do business.

Maltacourt has worked closely with the company for some time to develop our own performance-boosting applications. This acquisition will mean our customers will have access to the same innovations.

“Technological innovation underpins everything we do at Maltacourt,” explains Maltacourt CEO Matt Beech. “Now we’re taking what we’ve learned in logistics and applying it to all aspects of business. We’re putting real-time operational data at our customers’ fingertips. It’s completely unique in the marketplace.”

Thomas Salvini, founder of Construqtive, concurs: “Together we’ve created a way to let anyone unlock the value of complex data usually hidden in quarterly reports or on hard drives. For the first time customers can ask ‘what if’ questions, model trends, understand spend and strategize using up to the minute information.”

To see what Maltacourt and Construqtive can do for your business, visit

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