Youth on the agenda

Maltacourt have continued their approach of supporting the next generation of freight forwarders as they partner with Warrington Collegiate in hiring an apprentice for their Global Head Office in Runcorn. The apprenticeship in International Trade & Logistics Operations, highlights Maltacourt’s continued drive to be a gateway for the next generation, training entry level employees into a multi modal, entrepreneurial team that bucks the industry trends. The apprenticeship scheme also marks the first time Maltacourt have employed an apprentice and it’s a pattern they hope will continue.

Our aim is to continue to offer opportunities to those whom are enthusiastic about working in freight and keen to develop in an exciting and every changing industry. Jamie (the apprentice) is hopefully our first of many and we’ve already budgeted for another to join our site in Heathrow later this year

Recent reports have highlighted how a lack of youth is stifling the industry and this is seen perhaps most starkly with the current driver shortage in the UK. Whilst a parliamentary report in 2015 recently highlighted that employees within freight were largely over the age of 45, with 40% of roles having an ageing employment profile, unfortunately this is a trend that’s continued into 2017.

Maltacourt are proud to be supporting the development of a younger team, which is anchored by Manager’s with extensive knowledge and experience in the industry, but also supported by members of the team that have gone through similar development routes.

Each new employee is given a development plan and must prove not only by doing, but also be accreditation. We partner with BIFA and the CILT in ensuring we have fit for purpose courses that reflect industry standards but also will increase the knowledge of our team, reinforce what they’re doing and help them develop into managers, senior managers, directors of the future. The added benefit is this is all reflected in customer experience and service. The results mean our staff are engaged but our customers get a knowledgeable and high level of service.
Adam Williams
Commercial Director, UK

Maltacourt continue to advocate the need for more development opportunities within the industry and even highlighted it in their recent Parliamentary review in which they were chosen to speak on behalf of the industry in 2016. Adam Williams, Commercial Director for the UK also spoke of its importance during a recent panel event hosted by Peel Ports. Its clear Maltacourt are passionate about getting the right people in their business and developing them for the future.

“Can the shipping industry solve the UK logistics crisis?” Maltacourt are finalists!